Vintage and used Fiddles

K C Fiddles has all sorts of vintage and used fiddles, at all price levels. Some of them are trade-ins, some are consigned, and some are fiddles that we bought. They come from Germany, France, America, Bohemia, Romania, and China. There are fiddles suitable for all kinds of music: Old Time, Bluegrass, Country, Irish, jazz and swing, and alternative to name a few

Every fiddle we offer for sale (except for the bargain basement) is thoroughly inspected and set up for the best possible sound and playability. The trained luthiers at K C Fiddles are also fiddlers who understand what you are looking for and who know how to give you what you want in a fiddle. You can count on it to be in good repair, ready to play, and as represented.

We have high fidelity recordings for most of the fiddles we offer, right on the page, so that you can hear before you buy. We also allow a seven day trial period from the time you receive a fiddle to make sure that's the one you want.

Our inventory is always changing, and if you don't find just the right fiddle on one day, you may very well find it on the next visit. The best fiddles sell very fast, so they aren't available for very long. It pays to keep coming back.

Call us at 913 945 1095, or Email michaelr@kcstrings.com if we can help you in any way.We also buy old fiddles and will sell fiddles on consignment

1934 Juzek label fiddle, great sound!

CODE: f44c_jloo2


In stock

This is a nice fiddle labeled John Juzek 1934, in Prague. It looks legit, with all the usual Juzek characteristics. It was painted brown at one time so... More

Revoiced Bohemia Violin #mwr105

CODE: f44C_mwr105


In stock

Good-sounding vintage fiddle, made in Bohemia, probably before WWI. Most likely made in Schoenbach (now Luby) because the style is very much like... More

Revoiced German trade fiddle, wide curl on back

In stock

This fiddle was regraduated by Vlad Logashev of K C Strings, and set up and voiced by Michael Richwine. Came from Markneukirchen / Klingenthal area. Heart... More